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Ryan Wants To Stoke You Out - Part 1: Silverstar

Ryan Wants To Stoke You Out - Part 1: Silverstar
Ryan Wants To Stoke You Out - Part 1: Silverstar
Ryan Wants To Stoke You Out - Part 1: Silverstar
November 19, 2010 -  Five Ten    

"This seggy was shot mid summer with a few of my Race Face teammates. The original plan was to head to the Chilcotins for a 5 day epic, but the snow line was too low so we made this happen last minute. My buddy Travis and I built a line in his back yard of Penticton, BC two years prior. Ambrose (cinematographer) and I were up the previous summer, but got no shots after camping out for 5 days…the weather sucked. On the way to Silverstar we stopped in to get some shots. We then scurried to Silverstar to meet Mike Kinrade, Beth Parsons and James Doerfling.


If you look up the word “shredder” in the dictionary you will see a picture of James giving you a thumbs up…that’s what he does, he shreds. Mike is our sport's version of the Iron Man. He’s the only guy to have competed and/or rode all Rampage courses. Drop in behind James and Mike and you will certainly learn a few things if you can keep up. As for Beth…well she’s probably faster than you!" -Ryan Berrecloth


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