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Ryan Wants to Stoke You Out!

Ryan Wants to Stoke You Out!
Ryan Wants to Stoke You Out!
November 18, 2010 -  Five Ten    

Check out the latest Project from Ryan Berrecloth: "Ten months, numerous hours on the computer, 5 film crews and a handful of deadly riders and we finally have the release of Ryan Wants To Stoke You Out! Starting this Friday we’re going to release a new video every couple days for a full month. Each with a different concept and prize give away. The basic idea is to release a few videos and give away some sweet prizes…to stoke you out!


The Ryan Stoke promo came together for a couple reasons. One, I enjoy making videos. Developing concepts and executing with filmers/photographers in the business has numerous rewards. The second reason stemmed from an epiphany I had in my garage earlier this year while I was opening up a couple packages from my sponsors. I’ve been riding for companies for the past five years and I still geek out whenever I receive new bike gear. It hasn’t gotten old and I don’t think it ever will. I’m really fortunate to ride for some of the best companies in the business. I thought it would be cool for some of you to experience a taste of new, kick ass gear showing up in a package at your doorstep, which is where the prize element of the promo kicks in. Details on how to enter to win will be communicated with “Part 1 – Silverstar.”

Each segment or Part has a different concept based on how I see the industry, what’s cool and what riders I look up to and respect. I tried to have fun with the entire project and as you can see there’s certainly some nonsense in addition to some of your favorite pro’s shredding. So if you’re down to watch some cool videos and you want a chance to win some badass prizes then saddle up and enjoy.

Part 1 to follow later this week..."





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