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Dave Wetmore Sends Full-Sized Man (FA V13)

Dave Wetmore Sends Full-Sized Man (FA V13)
Dave Wetmore Sends Full-Sized Man (FA V13)
Dave Wetmore Sends Full-Sized Man (FA V13)
November 16, 2010 -  Dave Wetmore    

After a long week of setting for the Dark Horse, I was hankering for some rock like a lil’ chunker aches for tootsies before bed-time. So, I went outside.

At the risk of jinxing myself and my friends, I have to say that the send train as of late has been running on a seemingly endless track with the momentum of a freighter barreling towards some unknown destination. SLAY-TOWN, USA. What? Hayden Miller was able to take down Prince Paul in good form, working it from the ground up while taking a few very controlled ninja falls. Props to Mr. Jason Danforth, the stud-muffin to grab the first ascent–a man with the balls and the vision to throw that thing straight down to pound town.


Prince Paul (V9) and Full-Sized Man (FA V13): Farley, MA from David Wetmore on Vimeo.

And, holy smoke stacks, I was able to pull-off my hardest send to date, a boulder problem with some history. It had been done before from an obscure stand. Then a big ole’ block broke. And then it was done again from an obscure stand by Zeb Engberg, going at V11. I did it from the “sit start”–which is simply the bottom of the boulder (the only place to start)–to the top for the first “full” ascent; hence the name, Full-Sized Man. After much debate with Max and some others, lower end/easy V13 feels like the logical grade. Time will tell of course. Either way, I’m very psyched and look forward to the rest of the season with energy I’ve never had before.Yes sir! Mhmm. Mhm.



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