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Peter Whittaker Up To Some Gritstone Ground upping

Peter Whittaker Up To Some Gritstone Ground upping
Peter Whittaker Up To Some Gritstone Ground upping
November 10, 2010 -  Peter Whittaker    

Grit ground upping is what I've been up to recently, in between college, work and all that kind of stuff. These days are always fun and throw up some good challenges to just crack on with and have a go at.

Anyway a few weeks ago I had a nice Curbar day out, with some friends and the wind, (very windy). I managed to warm up with a flash of Slackers, an E6 balancy arete, orginally given E7 so I believe! (could be wrong on my history there though.) We then moved on to White Lines, a route originally given E7 but in the new guide gets E6. Its a slab route with press and rock over kind of moves, with the crux at the top of the slab just before the gear and final roof. Crikey what a tough E6 that was! I managed to Flash the route, but had to dig extremely deep before the break when I couldn't get my right foot into the correct position.(Well as close to flash as you get, I traversed the first 3 moves about 3 foot off the floor then decided to traverse back for some reason but couldn't make the step back onto the floor so jumped the last 2 foot bit.)


Curbar Day Out from Adam Lincoln on Vimeo.

A few days later I managed to do the rarely repeated China Syndrome E5 7a at Almscliff ground up (third go.) This has some brilliant gritstone hugging on it with a cheeky kneebar to keep your body in whilst slapping out round this bulge feature. I then had 'Just another wednesday' (a ongoing joke between me and a friend) at a newly developed crag in Lancashire. It is a small crag containing 2 E5's 3 E6's and 2 E7's. I managed to onsight everything bar the E7's, unfortunately the E7's were wet so the Lancashire rampage couldn't be finished in a day. "Next time....I will do it" (Hard Grit,) haha

A couple of days later was Ilkley. Where I managed to ground up and onsight some esoteric (for Ilkley) E6's with In a Pickle and Voyage to the outer limits which we got stuck on the dark in but with a very luminous rope!! The rope was actually brighter then the trickle of light that came out the headtorch that had to be sent up to us, (believe me thats no joke, haha)

Today was Curbar again where I did 3 E6 routes I'd wanted to do for agers.

The first being One Step Beyond abit of Fawcett slab work from back in 1980, I manged to flash it after my friend made a spicy looking onsight! Good work!>

Next was White Water, unfortunately I blew my first attempt without really giving it much of a go, second time I actually tried and managed to do it fine. It made a great little highball, with a proper gritstone mantel press at the top!

Finally just as it was going dark I onsighted 'Committed' it ended up pretty reasonable in the end and had an excellent finger tip press move in the middle.

Anyway thats me really.


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