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Carlo Traversi Asks: What does it take?

Carlo Traversi Asks: What does it take?
November 09, 2010 -  Carlo Traversi    

The last 10 days have included 4 days of rain, 3 days of climbing, and now another 3 days of rain. Tomorrow is looking bleak. It’s beginning to drive me crazy. The reality of the situation is starting to become evident, and despite the fact that we have plenty of time to climb ahead of us, this weather has been forcing a number of realizations into my already overwhelmed brain. If the current rain schedule continues, climbing days are going to be limited, goals are going to have to be set. What do I want to do here? What can I do here? What should I be doing here? 8C is on the brain like a drug. A level that I feel like I “can” climb at, but only in the purest and most motivating moments. How do you plan for all factors to fall into place at once? The reality is that you can’t. There are also a bucket full of 8B boulders and below that are absolutely amazing and that I want to climb as well. And the new projects. OMG.


Jon put together a very nice video featuring some footage he captured in Chironico last week.  Here it is:

Switzerland 2010 • Chironico • Jon Glassberg, Connor Griffith, Carlo Traversi, & Dai Koyomada from Jon Glassberg on Vimeo.

I also managed to upload my first “sub-par” release.  A nice time-lapse/send footage of Confessions of a Crap Artist 7C+ in Chironico.  Check it:

Confession of a Crap Artist 7C+ • Carlo Traversi from Carlo Traversi on Vimeo.

Next up will be Paul Robinson’s FLASH of Freak Brothers V12 for which we have both suggested a downgrade to V10.  Judge for yourself!  Stay tuned.


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