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Pine Mountain Pull Down Report from Ian Dory

Pine Mountain Pull Down Report from Ian Dory
November 04, 2010 -  Ian Dory    

Things are never as they seem. One min you think you're doing one thing and the next you are going the opposite direction, just like my trip to CA for the Pine Mountain Pull Down! Getting to the Festival turned out to be more of an epic then I ever planed, not to mention that I had to fix my brakes that got trashed on the way in. Getting there a day early gave us a day to check out the area which got us way psyched for the comp. The starting of the comp did not go so well, because the buses that were supposed pick us up and take us to the boulders never showed up so we started climbing an hour after every one else, kinda dumb but it worked out in the end.


The climbs were sweet, did most of the harder ones but one of them broke and I never went back to try again. Just seeing the new area is amazing and I love climbing on new rock. Joining me was my friend Jessika and my homie Gareat D. and they helped me put up two new climbs which I call Brown Eyed Girl and Foot Holds -  both great lines and I was psyched to put them up. Brown Eyed Girl was just high ball and had two top outs one left and right, I did the left one which was way cleaner and much safer. Would have done the right exit but needed a top rope to clean it first which I did not have. Foot Holds was cool, a sit start that broke so I started on the foot holds which worked out, I would say v6. After the Comp they held a dino comp which was way cool and they had a cash prize which got me even more psyched.


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