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Midnight Burn 2010 Report from Dave Wetmore

Midnight Burn 2010 Report from Dave Wetmore
November 03, 2010 -  Dave Wetmore    

This past Saturday I drove down to Philly for my second time at the Midnight Burn. As always, there was a fair number of strong climbers in the Open category for Men. The route setting was on par, the lines were slight, and the atmosphere in Finals was rabal-rousing. I threw together a few small clips that my Dad shot, as well as a few I was able to take as soon as I was done competing. I took what I could (And for some reason I didn’t shoot it in the full-screen mode–woops).


Midnight Burn 2010: Philadelphia Rock Gym from David Wetmore on Vimeo.

Here is the Top Five break-down (I’m not sure on the girls side):

1) Vasya Vorotnikov

2) Nick Picarella

3) Magnus Midtbo

4) Ryan Banister

5) Dave Wetmore

Thoughts (In no specific order because I’m tired):

–Nick Picarella impressed me with his fingers and shaved head. The kid is very strong.

–Vasya has more power than he has ever had. Very inspiring to watch. Despite the fact that we don’t always get along like crackers and cheese,  I still have a tremendous amount of respect for his climbing talent both inside and out. Kudos, you freak.

–Ryan Banister. “Oh yaaaaa.” And. “Cabssss herrrrrrrre.” We had a blast talking about the Jersery Shore. Chuck Brunco is hilarious.

–Magnus, well, you’re really good as always and for some reason it’s super intimidating for me to talk to you. That’s nice.

–I need to train for competitions. Three hour session in the morning. Then follow-up with a 5 minutes on and a 5 minutes off Finals round at night. Basically, two rounds of training in one day per week. This will probably help the next time around.

–If you try really hard for three hours in the redpoint round, you are more or less up the poop creek without a paddle. I was sapped by the time Finals rolled around. Do over?

–Climb faster and with more confidence. Be more confident and climb faster. WATCH VASYA CLIMB FINALS PROBLEMS. RESPECT.

–Climb without a shirt. Check.

Read more at Dave's Blog


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