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Mario Lenzens Tool Time - Episode 1: Fork and Headset

Mario Lenzens Tool Time - Episode 1: Fork and Headset
Mario Lenzens Tool Time - Episode 1: Fork and Headset
November 03, 2010 -  Mario Lenzen    

In this Blog i want to show you the first Episode of my personal workshop called "Tool Time" filmed with the crew of

More Episodes you will find directly on my Private rider site or in my following Blogs here on the Five Ten website.


In this Episode I explain how to mount a Headset and a Single Crown Fork.

In the Video I talk in German, but pictures say's more then a thousand words. If you are looking at the movie, you will get the idea how it's gonna work.

You can watch the podcasts in HD directly from my rider site.

Folge 52 - Mario Lenzens Tool Time - Episode 1: Steuersatz & Gabel einbauen from on Vimeo.

Hope you enjoy and stay tuned. More Episodes are coming...

Thanks for watching,

Mario Lenzen


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