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Absence Makes Shawn Diamond's Heart Grow Fonder

Absence Makes Shawn Diamond's Heart Grow Fonder
Absence Makes Shawn Diamond's Heart Grow Fonder
October 25, 2010 -  Shawn Diamond    

Yup, I've finally experienced my very first hiatus, my temporary separation from my rock, my girlfriend - climbing. The time spent away filled with hours and hours and hours of work stacked up like I never thought possible, with stress, with some mild success and namely excitement - and at times, of course, disappointment. My life realized as a physician in-training. What's worse? A separation would not be complete if not both physical and mental. I lost some desire to climb.


My bones began to snap crackle and pop each dehydrated morning getting out of bed. Tacos after work just didn't taste like they used to after a hard session of bouldering. And my gut has grown gluttonous - consistent pulling me towards "just one-more" PB&J stolen from the  Emergency Department fridge. Uphf. Then again, a new passion has formed built on flesh, on cutting, blood, the searing of blood vessels and the coagulation of fat. The production of meaty sugar sweat smells of organs, a symphony in the re-organization and reconstruction of the human body - I love surgery. But I finally figured out, that medicine can't and won't fulfill me wholly.

I touched rock two-days ago and had the chance to bring another type of new love to the cliff. It was a day filled with firsts. First boulder  problem for Michelle - pictured (RAD!), first climbs of the fall, first session in three months and first time feeling like myself in a while. I sat staring at fall leaves and trees in peace. I'm back! and I'm psyched.....gonna take a little bit to strengthen the bones, work off the gut but my head is in it. Off the couch, it wasn't such a bad little day out climbing either - circuiting in my 'ole hood, Lost City, at the gunks. with a day complete with V1-12 ascents.


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