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Dave Wetmore Sends Busted Shadow

Dave Wetmore Sends Busted Shadow
Dave Wetmore Sends Busted Shadow
Dave Wetmore Sends Busted Shadow
Dave Wetmore Sends Busted Shadow
October 25, 2010 -  Dave Wetmore    

Upon a quick perusal of these photos, you’ll see that–once again–conditions were absolutely atrocious over here in New England. Just another repulsive day; sweatier than my pits at an 8th grade dance, and even more humid than a Columbian drug-traffic jungle. Dare I mention the teradactyl sized mosquitoes that were feverishly hunting the boulder fields for dinner? Despite such a trying atmosphere, I was able to keep the weekend flowing along with another send: Busted Shadow.


Max, who drove us straight into the woods, quickly dispatched The Book of Bitter Aspects (V13) for the second time with the intent of re-learning the moves for an even greater endeavor–the sit start to The Book–to which he has done all the moves. That’s two overlapping pieces! This would surely would be one of, if not the hardest, boulder on the East Coast. So hot right now.

Busted Shadow (V11): Bradley, CT from David Wetmore on Vimeo.

A few of my friends were also busy this weekend at Farley, MA, with a few sends of Pipe Dreams (Alex Enright, Grady Jackson, Hayden Miller), Stereogram (Brayton Holman), and Babies with Rabies (Alex Enright, Matt Pincus) all V10. With such a variety of folks firing hard right now, this is probably the best string of climbing days New England has seen in many moons. Send me your photos!

In other news, the Boston Police force has notified our governor of a massive influx of steroids and HGH in the region. What?


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