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Cerre Francis' Take on Ropes Vs Pads

Cerre Francis' Take on Ropes Vs Pads
Cerre Francis' Take on Ropes Vs Pads
Cerre Francis' Take on Ropes Vs Pads
October 21, 2010 -  Cerre Francis    

Fall tricked us here in Salt Lake. We had a few cool days where Little Cottonwood felt sticky, but now it is back to 70 degrees. Time again to put my crash pad away and get my harness out.  It's back to clipping bolts which has been awesome. With my finger injury, I really only seem to have issues after training in the gym. For now, I have little or no pain outside, which makes me STOKED! American Fork, Maple Canyon, and Dierkies Lake have been my latest adventures.


I had never been to Dierkies in Idaho and was pretty impressed. If it hadn't been 109 degrees, there is a lot of climbing to do. Lots of routes and bouldering all within 15 minutes of the parking lot. I feel like every season when its time to retire my pad, I dread sport climbing. It takes my head a good month to get comfortable falling and getting over climbing while pumped. Then once I start getting comfortable and ticking off climbs it cools off and I am back to bouldering.

This summer I had a good breakthrough on a rope, I feel like I can just focus on the movement and not all the other things that come into play when you put a harness on. I am happy to say, I am not going to fully retire my harness this winter, trips down south wll include ropes too, and hopefully some more breakthroughs. So fall, take your time, I still have some routes I need to send. Also, like many of you, I assume, when not climbing I am obsessing about it. Here are some links to some sites that fill my day when I am not sweating it out on a rope or doing my LCC circuit.
Deadpointmag Videos
BackCountry's The Goat


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