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Lisa Hathaway's Thoughts on Rocktober!

Lisa Hathaway's Thoughts on Rocktober!
Lisa Hathaway's Thoughts on Rocktober!
Lisa Hathaway's Thoughts on Rocktober!
Lisa Hathaway's Thoughts on Rocktober!
October 20, 2010 -  Lisa Hathaway    

I'm pretty sure every rock climber in the US, myself included, spends about 11 months of the year salivating over the thought of "next" October. Crisp temps, splitter days, peak foliage—what's NOT to salivate over?! The hardest part of Rocktober is deciding what to do. Stay put and rage the home crag? Clean up all that unfinished business now that we barely have to grab on to the holds any more?! Or travel to the new latest-greatest and just sesh the plumb lines? On-sight extravaganza! Or … Head for The Red with 2-300 of my closest friends?! ;-)


The only lame-o thing is that it goes about as fast as it comes! Yeesh! Here it is, already "mid-late October, I mean ROCKtober" and now there's what? 7,8 more climbing days in the month, weather permitting! So I am making the best of it and hope you all are as well!

Though it does seem like we in the west (fingers crossed!) may just get an extended fall this year. And we deserve it! I have made the most out of the past three "ski winters", but I won't complain if La Niña drags out our fall into the early winter to turn it into a bouldering winter. We haven't had one of those in years, so I say BRING IT! I have a new stash of boulders ready to develop, psyched cohorts and dogs ever at the waiting for the next adventure!

In the meanwhile, it's 2-on, 1-off until I break or the projects go down! Rain, you are a welcome visitor on my scheduled rest days, but PuhhhLease no forced ones!

Attached are some images of my favorite fall crag, Mill Creek, and what I've been up to with some good friends.

1.) Nurdjana, getting it done on "Tub Full of Tears"

2.) "The Rok-a-savage" cruising "No More Tears"

3.) Moi, on Aesthetics, Photo by EricOdenthalPhotography

4.) Loki and Nur basking in the fall foliage




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