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THC 2010! The Humboldt Classic Slackline Competition~ 3rd Annual

THC 2010!  The Humboldt Classic Slackline Competition~ 3rd Annual
October 15, 2010 -  Andy Lewis    

This year marks the 3rd Annual Humboldt Classic Slackline Competition hosted by Catalystic Productions.  Shaun Cordes and I are devoted to continuing to host THC as long as possible because we love slackline.  Also because THC is the longest running annual slackline competition in the world.  I am looking forward to 4th year, and to even more incredible slacklining!

This is the official video of Catalystic Prodocution's 3rd annual THC slackline contest!~ It was a blast this year due to the help of friends, family, and all our sponsors. Shaun Cordes and I, Andy Lewis, host, MC, and sponsor this event ourselves with zero budget. Because of this we owe tons of thanks to all our sponsors: SMC, MSR, SBI, Sterling, Go Pro, Gibbon, Blue Water, Outdoor Research, Balance Community, Slack Pro!, Thermarest, Cascade design, Seal Line, Matt & Mark with FAR NORTH CLIMBING, The Ski Lounge, all of the competitors, all of the crowd, and of course to all our followers online!

These slackline contests are really important to the development of slackline as a sport, as well as developing the community involved with the sport of slacklining. Catalystic Productions is dedicated to maintaining the life of THC for as long as we can. We shall host a slackline contest every year!~ Rumor has it that next year, THC, might be mobile.

Thanks again to all of the people who helped make THC 2010 awesome! Over $3000 dollars of prizes were distributed, a whole keg tapped, many tricks, a huge long line @ redwood park (420' - thanks mike and jer), and a whole lot of fun.

Look out for THC next year and hopefully you too can join the fun! 


THC 2011~


Winners Mens Pro

1. Alpha Mike
2. Dan
3. Phoxx

Winners of Mens Advanced

1. Jeremy "Pance"
2. Buck Ashburn
3. Chris Rigby

Winners of Womens

1. Emily S.
2. Hayley Ashburn
3. Anna 

~Congratulations EVERYONE!

Thanks again to

Thanks to our Band!
Dharma Dojo!


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