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Matt Ginley reports from Hound Ears

Matt Ginley reports from Hound Ears
October 14, 2010 -  Matt Ginley    

2010 Triple Crown Bouldering Series

Stop #1 Hound Ears – Boone, NC

Although the temps for the comp may have been a little too warm for some folks liking, the weather did prove to be pretty amazing and by far the best conditions compared to the past few years. Hundreds of folks stood in line like herded sheep to load up the buses and slowly wind their way up the steep Rhododendron and Trillium covered hill littered with amazing boulders everywhere….this, is Hound Ears. Steep, sharp, and…well……SHAAARP is how I would describe the nature of the bouldering here. Bring thick skin and tendons of steel if you plan on surviving the entire day. Each climber’s top 10 problems counted towards the scoring. So planning a good strategy based on time, crowd-size, skin longevity, and overall stamina seemed to be the key.


While waiting on top of the hill for the rules/spray down by event organizers Jim Horton and Chad Wykle, competitors had the chance to try out the BRAND NEW SPRING 2011 line up from Five Ten – all I can say is that people were PSYCHED!!!! Five Ten handed out almost 90 PAIRS of demo shoes!! 90 pairs!!! And that’s just because that’s all we had….if there were more sizes/styles, that number surely would have been higher. One thing is clear – Five Ten NAILED IT with the new shoe line-up and people are very anxious for these new kicks to hit the market. If you haven’t seen any of the new models yet, be prepared to be blown away. Bravo to all of the folks over at Five Ten involved w/ the killer new line-up!!!!!

In the end, despite many suffering from a condition that makes ones finger tips resemble ground beef more than skin, and a slight heat wave, EVERYONE for sure had FUN! And that’s what it’s all about. Just as important, every dollar raised during the Triple Crown Bouldering series goes directly to the Southeastern Climbers Coalition and Carolina Climbers Coalition to ensure that access to hundreds of areas in the Southeast are protected and remain open for all climbers to enjoy. Everyone should thank these two organizations for what they are doing to ensure climbing access in this part of the country.

Next up on the tour will be Horse Pens 40 which is located in Steele, AL. Get ready to get your SLOPER ON and also make sure you stop by the Five Ten booth to check out the new line up!!!!!!!!!

See you out there,

Matt Ginley


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