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Red Bull Cl!mb Event, Rocktoberfest, and a week glance ahead.

Red Bull Cl!mb Event, Rocktoberfest, and a week glance ahead.
Red Bull Cl!mb Event, Rocktoberfest, and a week glance ahead.
Red Bull Cl!mb Event, Rocktoberfest, and a week glance ahead.
Red Bull Cl!mb Event, Rocktoberfest, and a week glance ahead.
Red Bull Cl!mb Event, Rocktoberfest, and a week glance ahead.
October 14, 2010 -  Andrew Baldwin    

This past two weeks have been filled with climbing everyday, and now I finally have a chance to sit down, relax, and actually take in all that happened.


The week started off with a bang at the first ever Red Bull Cl!mb event at Planet Rock. It was one of the first ever events of it's kind and it went off without a hitch. Red Bull and all the staff at Planet Rock did an amazing job of making it one of the best comps ever. To get an idea of what was going on, there was slacklining, high lining, crate staking, dyno comp, free Red Bull, a deep foam pit soloing comp (yes you read correctly a foam pit was in the gym!), door prizes, Red Bull brought a DJ, drytooling, and much more. It was kind of overwhelming at first to say the least, and everyone really didn't know what to get on first. The event however, was set up just for that reason, there was no real schedule you just did whatever you wanted to do, and people were free to get on anything. It was a great event and I really hope they put it on again next year.

After recovering from the Red Bull event I found myself within only a few days leaving for Rocktoberfest. This was my first Rocktoberfest I have ever been to. The event was amazing and it was truly a great experience that I was happy to be apart of. The Event was filled with amazing swag, posters, free gear, and fun games everywhere you went. Five Ten did an awesome job running the booth with a great selection of new and old model shoes for people to view and ask questions about.  The music people and events were so much fun and I will never forget the times I spent there, but I also went there to climb of course. My first day there all that was on my mind was Cell Block Six at Midnight Surf. I hiked to the surf and began to get ready for my climb. After my warm up, I slipped on a brand new pair of Team Five Ten's (not even broken into yet) and began to climb. Pushing past most of the route fairly easily I soon found myself at my previous high point. I pushed through and realized I had it. After I past that I only had 7 or so moves until the chains but I savored ever second I had to keep calm, not to mess up, and to enjoy what I had left of the route. Once I clipped the chains I felt amazing and was very happy. Cell Block Six is by far my favorite route and I highly recommend it. I then got on Tapeworm and started to work out the moves. It seems very possible for me and I look forward to getting on it next trip. One down side however was during the party at Rocktoberfest I was dynoing, and well long storying short slipped of my hold and fell straight onto the wooden support beam onto my leg. My leg now is in ruff shape but I am still able to walk around on it and climb a little (with the exception of high feet placement).

I am back home now training for USA climbing. My first ABS comp is this Saturday and I am really hoping my leg will feel better for the comp. Also the Reel Rock Film tour is being held at Planet Rock next weekend, and I starting to plan a bouldering trip soon. I am really looking forward to these upcoming weeks and hope for the best in my competitions.


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