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Nico Favresse Returns from his Greenland Excursion

Nico Favresse Returns from his Greenland Excursion
Nico Favresse Returns from his Greenland Excursion
Nico Favresse Returns from his Greenland Excursion
October 05, 2010 -  Nicolas Favresse    

We are slowly adjusting back to the normal life after 3 months of madness in Greenland... This was definitely one of our wildest adventure so far! The atmosphere of sailing through huge Icebergs was absolutely incredible and being able to climb virgin big walls right off the sailboat in such a wild place felt unreal.


Generally the climbing in the Upernavick area was very adventurous with lots of grass in the cracks, thick lichen and seagulls vomiting on us, and walls that starts straight out of the water but the rock was really good quality (under the grass). It made it very challenging to climb onsight dig the grass for pro (getting covered with dirt) fighting with the seagulls and dealing with lichen friction holds. Any pitch was always a real challenge!

In The south (Cape farewell area) it’s a more alpine environment with mountains and glaciers covered with granite spires. The rock is really clean with perfect cracks. Certain routes we put up were so clean we could have never tell it was a FA or a 50th repeat. It was a nice contrast after the adventures in Upernavick area."

Read more about their exploration and see images from the trip on their blog.


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