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All Work and No Play Makes Brian...Jonesing

All Work and No Play Makes Brian...Jonesing
All Work and No Play Makes Brian...Jonesing
September 29, 2010 -  Brian Bittner    

Its been a few weeks since I posted on here. This is in part to a slightly tweaked shoulder and in part to the countless hours of work I have been putting into my business lately.

I can't say what started this feeling in my shoulder. At its worst point it felt like I a subluxed shoulder. I don't recall a specific injury and I passed the rotator cuff test without pain, however. After taking almost two weeks off I climbed two days in a row without pain. I will begin doing prehab work to make sure these pains don't come back and also to work on a muscle group I feel is one of my weaker ones.


A few weeks ago I did an introduction to the sport of bouldering video for Darn Tough Vermont, that can be viewed here. I've also been sporting their socks and I love them. I will be working on a new video for them, and you all, soon!

I also want to thank Outdoor Research for adding me to their Connectors Program. I am psyched there are many other strong climbers and good friends on the team, I look forward to working with them. I appreciate the support I get from Five Ten and these other businesses who allow my climbing career to be what it is.

As is often the case, the weather here is less than ideal. Its nice today after raining for 2-3 days and its forecast to rain another 3-4. I will be resting today with a need to ease back into the rock and projects coming off my slight injury. I do have a couple projects in the Notch that I hope to finish off before the season is over, more on that later. As I have not been climbing as much as I would have liked the past few weeks, I am eager to get back into it.

Included are two shots of the crux moves on Truth and Lies. One of the projects I hope to do soon at Smugglers' Notch.


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