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Mount Evans: The Wolverine Land Countdown, from Jon Cardwell

Mount Evans: The Wolverine Land Countdown, from Jon Cardwell
September 27, 2010 -  Jon Cardwell    

Last thursday was a good day! I woke up psyched and everyone else seemed to be on the same program. Me, Nalle, and Chad decided to head up to Mount Evans, aka Wolverine Land, despite the intimidating snow storm that was predicted online.  A few hours later, we were in the boulders and freezing.  Luckily, NO snow!  I was more psyched than ever and decided today would be the the day to finish some boulders.


First up was The Great War for Civilisation, a hard V13 which was one of the first established lines in Wolverine Land by Daniel Woods.  After warming up I finished it after a couple fumbled attempts!  Next up was the increasingly famous Exfoliatior V13, unfortunately not for the climbing but for the grade debate, down rating, up rating, etc... Regardless of the grade, the Exfoliator is a great climb and was only made possible by Daniel W and Dave Graham. I checked out the top moves and managed to link the boulder once I stuck the crux move! I was already psyched on the day and I was getting tired but we decided to keep climbing anyway. After talking to Dave a few days before I decided to try his new boulder Little House on the Prairie, V13. I pulled on without expecting much and actually nearly flashed it! After about a half and hour I really had to dig deep, it was getting dark and my fingers were destroyed. I forced a quick rest and finished the boulder for it's 3rd ascent.  Short, powerful and classic!

In the end of the day I completed 3, V13's!  A personal best for me!  All I have to say is Thanks to Dave G. and Daniel Woods, both have been a huge influence in my climbing and the development of this amazing new area. Wolverine Land.

Here is a video Nalle Hukkataival put together of the last week.

Wolverine Land - Season Finale, part I from ZeroSkillz on Vimeo.

Next up will be a video of Dave Graham on his last day in Wolverine Land.  This day was very inspiring.  Dave managed to finish his projects and open Vanilla Sky V14 and Tattooed Teardrops V13.  All I have to say is the guy works well under pressure!

As for the climbing, there is only one more week left to climb in Mount Evans, Lincoln Lake, Wolverine Land so I will spend most days up there and then it will be back to the ever classic and legendary RMNP!


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