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Lisa Hathaway's Update on Being Stealthy!

Lisa Hathaway's Update on Being Stealthy!
September 21, 2010 -  Lisa Hathaway    

Professional techniques for excellent results!

(Actually, I stole that tag line from the sub-title of a plumbing book I once used, but yet … I digress … )

When last we "spoke" about Stealth paint, I was covetously eying the splendidly smooth and supple Stealth Paint-ing of Five Ten athlete and all around star of the rock, "Pee Wee" Oulette! And though thoroughly excited to cover virtually every surface in my life that might touch rock (I resisted on my cord, but it took EVERY ounce of restrain I had … ;-))  with Stealth Paint (, my technique at the time was shoddy (though effective) at best!


After getting some better beta from Pee Wee, via another Stealth Paint officiando (Steph Davis), I was able to refine my techniques. First, I discovered that I actually had some bad glue. Glue, like other things an have a shelf life and can be altered if it has any interaction with the world outside its hermetically sealed environs. I think this is what happened to my glue, as it was clumpy from the start—not smooth and drippy. And though Barge is the industry standard, even they can have slip-ups!

Next, I took my own advice and did NOT do my projects in the full-blazing Utah summer sun! As it is, my rubber adhesive cured in like 2 minutes, as opposed to the recommended 5.

Also, I found that it worked better for me to add way more glue:rubber in the ratio. This is likely again because things are so dry here and the glue goes fast.

I also discovered that is my frantic joy to cover all my shoes in Stealth Paint, I got sloppy with the concoction and thus managed to seal myself out of my Stealth Paint can!??! So now I use a spare piece of cardboard or a lid upon which to mix.

For fun, I am posting a pic of my "apothecary shop". (The wrench and hose filter have absolutely NOTHING to do with the process, but I thought it made me look like I had other, big important and industrious endeavors at had … )

Happy Stealth-ing and climbing!



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