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TIPS FROM THE CZAR: Think outside of the BOX

TIPS FROM THE CZAR: Think outside of the BOX
September 20, 2010 -  Max Zolotukhin    

TIPS FROM THE CZAR #1: An Introduction

Hello Five Ten World!!! My name is Max Zolotukhin (AKA the Climbing Czar) and I will be using this space a little differently then most athletes... I'd like to use my Five Ten Blog platform as an advice column of sorts....I'm calling it TIPS FROM THE CZAR. I will be posting little tidbits here regularly about topics such as Route Setting, Ethics, Grades, etc...hope you like it!


TIP #1:

My inaugural post, and I'm sure many of the posts to come, concerns my favorite topic of ROUTE SETTING. I've been setting routes for 10 years; it is my job, my passion, and it quite frequently keeps me up at night.

While its been said before, the biggest piece of advice I can give an aspiring Route Setter is to THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX. Once you've gotten the basics down, start taking small risks. If these small risks start working out favorably, go further.

Last year for the Boston Rock Gym's annual HE4RT OV ZTEEL competition we decided that we wanted to do something RADICALLY out of the box...What we came up with was a 6 and a half foot by 4 foot, swinging diamond built by Brewer's Ledge which we named the Dark Crystal. When the curtain dropped and through the fog the crystal emerged, 400+ people were picking their jaws up off the ground. While this was a tad too crazy and gimmicky for some, the overall reaction was overwhelmingly good; we took a chance and it paid off insanely well!

Don't be scurred' to go for it!!!

PS, follow me on twitter to get updates on TIPS as well as my regular blog!


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