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Jon Cardwell Back in Colorado

Jon Cardwell Back in Colorado
Jon Cardwell Back in Colorado
Jon Cardwell Back in Colorado
Jon Cardwell Back in Colorado
September 16, 2010 -  Jon Cardwell    

After a little over 4 weeks in Brazil, I'm finally back in Colorado.  Brazil has been an incredible experience and one of those trips that you just never forget.  Throughout the month I was able to see and climb at the areas, Sao Thome Das Letras, Sao Bento, Ubatuba, Serre de Piedade, Sabara, and Cocalzinho.  This is one of the main reasons why I prefer traveling to staying year round at a home base.  I feel there is so much more opportunity to learn, to meet people, to listen and speak foreign language, to climb on 1000's of different blocs, rocks, cliffs, routes etc.  You name it, in anyway, the experience is different and unique and I love it!


I'm back in Colorado now, and for the first time in a few years I will actually be staying here for longer than a couple months!  Except one trip to Mexico in February for the Petzl Roc Trip!  These events are always great, complete with a great team of organizers and climbers in exotic places.  Every time they promote new climbing and the spirt of having fun on the rocks.  Happy times!   So, here's a quick recap of some of my ascents in Brazil.  Overall I climbed over 20 V10's and harder during my stay, met TON's of new motivating climbers, drove 1000's of kilometers.  The travel has been great and I feel extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to see Brazil.

House in the Sky V14 First ascent
High Tension V13 First ascent
Bush Diving V13 2nd ascent
Os Bacanas V13
O Dia Santo V13
Amnesia V13
O Vento levou V12
Salinas V12
Quimera Speciosa V12
Potencial da acao V11 Flash
Testarossa V10/11 Flash
The flash V10 FLash
Ureia SDS Flash
Tsunami V10 Flash
Amendoim Tostado V10 Flash

Thus, I am content, exhausted and actually psyched to be 'home' for a little bit.  There are a few more weeks of climbing to be done in Wolverine Land aka Lincoln Lake aka Mount Evans.  But, soon, I'll start preparing for the next trip!  Until next time,


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