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Tahnée Seagrave Finishes on Top in Chatel

Tahnée Seagrave Finishes on Top in Chatel
Tahnée Seagrave Finishes on Top in Chatel
Tahnée Seagrave Finishes on Top in Chatel
Tahnée Seagrave Finishes on Top in Chatel
September 13, 2010 -  Tahnée Seagrave    

After her great season, Tahnée finished with a fantastic result at the final round of the IXS European Cup in Chatel.

Overall there were 25 women racers spread across 3 categories. Tahnée was the youngest racer there but this being one of the nearby tracks to home she wanted to do well and even try to take the overall win - there was however another local girl - Florian Pugin, fresh from her 4th place at the World Championships in Canada.


Its a great course at Chatel that has everything you want from a downhill track: dust, roots, mud, rocks, drops, jumps... and a bit of pedal! The track itself used parts of each of the permanent courses that are there so its a really good mix.

After qualifying 2nd overall with a steady run and a time of 3.09, Tahnée's goal was to get below 3 mins the following day. She put in another great run in the finals but could only manage a 3.05.841 so was a little disappointed. A few of the Elite girls put in much better performance's for the final with Morgane Charre finishing in 3.06.497... it was only Pugin that could beat Tahnée's time as she crossed the line in 3.00.932.

Tahnée said: "I know that having the second fastest time of the day is a good result but after qualifying I had set myself the target of going under 3 mins - maybe 10 seconds over a 3 min course was a bit much!! Overall I am really pleased with this season and can not wait for next year."

Thank you so much to everyone that has made this year possible - without your fantastic support things would be a lot harder!


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