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Sticky Temps in Squamish by Vikki Weldon

Sticky Temps in Squamish by Vikki Weldon
Sticky Temps in Squamish by Vikki Weldon
Sticky Temps in Squamish by Vikki Weldon
Sticky Temps in Squamish by Vikki Weldon
Sticky Temps in Squamish by Vikki Weldon
September 09, 2010 -  Vikki Weldon    

September in Squamish. The alliteration is perfect! The weather is cooling and as a result the slimy granite boulders are regaining their infamous stickiness after a blistering summer. I believe my strength outdoors lies in the realm of sport climbing, and in the past, the majority of my summers have been spent projecting hard routes. Last summer I was able to achieve my hardest grade yet, a 5.13d called Division Bell in Chekamous Canyon (about 20 minutes north of Squamish). The plan this summer was to work a route called Pulse, which climbs a harder start into the D-Bell. Unfortunately, in January I tweaked my right shoulder and spent a large portion of my spring unable to train. Long story short, I opted to spend the majority of my summer in the boulders, attempting to regain my strength and project some boulder problems.


The boulder I have spent the most time on is called Worm World Cave Low. It is a V10 with big burly moves and slippery slopers. I'm incredibly psyched, and if I take it down this fall, it will be my first V10! I recently also started working a steep, powerful, and well-travelled problem called No Troublems (soft V10) which I would also like to send this fall! Both problems are in the Grand Wall Boulders underneath the Chief. They are also a part of the Top 100 List that is included in Marc Bourdon's new Squamish Guidebook!

I'm psyched, I'm motivated, and I'm having fun. I've also started my second semester of nursing school in Vancouver. I love it, but is sure is busy. I'm hoping to find a steady balance between school and climbing this fall, and not let one take the fall for the other. My clinical placement this fall in on a surgical orthopedics-reconstruction ward. Every Thursday and Friday, we are on the ward at 6:30am. Phew. I wake up those mornings at 5:10am. Fancy that.

Enjoy the best season that climbing has to offer everyone!


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