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Sam Dale's Season Wrap Up

Sam Dale's Season Wrap Up
September 09, 2010 -  Sam Dale    

Final Round

Leading in to the final round i was pretty happy with how my season had gone. After being ill the year before i had to start from scratch. I had no fitness at all, no up to date experience of racing at full fitness and most importantly no confidence. Going into round 1 was pretty strange, it was almost like being at my first world cup again, i felt like i had let my sponsors down the year before and had to prove to them i could still do it. As you all know the race didn't go very well for me and a puncture about 40seconds in didn't let me get the result i wanted. After that i rode a steady race in Fort William and finished 27th, following that i had 2 17th finishes in Leogang and Champery, and a 24th in Val Di Sole. At this point i was in 27th in the overall and i knew deep down I can still go faster.


I got to Windham and built my bike before walking the track. The track looked pretty basic, with very few technical sections and not that many corners, it was wet in a lot of places but as we had been promised hot sun for the rest of the week nobody worried about it too much. Practice was going alright, I made a few changes with my bike, so it would work better on the faster and flatter sections.

I had caught a cold from the plane i think so through the week i wasn't feeling great. The worst day was qualifying day, i had a horrible headache, blocked nose/ sinuses and a sore throat. I set off and was feeling tired so i just made sure i got down and didn't get hurt, because the track was so easy the top 80 were just separated by 20 seconds and i was sitting in 62nd.

We had another morning of practice before the race so it gave me chance to get a bit better before the finals. I was feeling better by the finals and set off for my run. I made a few small mistakes, one i went offline and nearly hit a tree, i had to brake hard to avoid it, the other i clipped a pedal which made my other foot fly off the pedal, i rode a rough rocky section with one foot, crank and pedal hitting the floor, i lost a lot of speed in this and as it was pretty much flat it wasn't good. When i came down i was in the hot seat for about 15 minutes. I knew my mistakes cost me time and i wasn't very happy. I finished 33rd, but looking back at the results 3 seconds would of put me into 14th…

That was it, the season was over. I have already been thinking about next year. Im pretty excited to get into the off season, get training and working to be even faster next year.

Thanks to everybody who helped me out, it wouldn't have been possible without you.




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