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September 08, 2010 -  Five Ten    

Sam Hill, Five Ten® sponsored rider and part of the Monster Energy Specialized team, became the UCI Downhill World Champion this last weekend in Mont Ste Anne, Canada.


Monster Energy reports on the events of the day and the big win for Hill:

"Hill completed what had started to look like a season to forget about after suffering a knee injury that required surgery during the off season, followed by a massive crash in Fort William that tore multiple ligaments in his shoulder. As the rain started to fall this morning, the elusive wonder from down under rolled into the tent with a smile on his face.  When the conditions go south, Hill goes from a force to be reckoned with, to the only force worth worrying about. He would not disappoint today, sliding into the hot seat with 9 riders to go. The Monster Energy Specialized rider ended up being untouchable, taking the win with a 2.63 second lead.

'This feels unreal.  Last year the course wasn't the best for me, only giving me an outside chance.  The year before I gave it away falling down, so that was 2 chances I missed out on. I'm pretty excited to come back after all of the injuries and stuff I've had this year and win.  I was actually pretty devastated after practice this morning, i felt pretty slow and didn't think I'd have a good chance at it.  Sitting in the hot seat and watching rider after rider come down was pretty awesome.' -Sam Hill

Great job Sam! And thanks Monster for the report of his championship win!

Photo credit: Fraser Britton


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