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Windham World Cup Finals Report from Harry Heath

Windham World Cup Finals Report from Harry Heath
September 07, 2010 -  Harry Heath    

This is the end of big season for me, the first year I've done the full world cup series yet still one of the shortest season's yet. Even though its been a full season it all came down to this race. At the top of the series Gee Atherton and Greg Minnaar had 7 points separating the pair of them. For me a good result here would send me right up the series overall. The full seasons work and it boiled down to one race it was like it was world champs.


I had planned to do this race all year but the week before everyone who had also planned to do it with me dropped out. In abit of a situation of lack of time and no way of getting a rental car it was on the phones and computer. Jason Carpenter gave me and my mate Cal Dew a lift to the race from the airport and we ended up staying in a Irish pub which has some good banter every night. First track walk of the week didn't go so great. I thought the track looked nothing special and with the lack of entertainment lost all concentration.

First practice run couldn't have been more of a contradiction with it being flat out, a few hops and jumps to keep you interested in-between the loose American turns. Not forgetting the slippery as an eel rocks and you had a good track to keep you on your toes. It was long in distance but with big speeds it was only a 2 and a half minute track so you just had to it hard and fast.

>I got into a good attitude for this race the weeks leading up to this race and had a clear head all race week which was definitely paying off. I had sorted lines really early and only had to change a couple if I had a problem on it when I got quicker or if it got blown out. Qualifying I rode slow on purpose because the only result I cared about was the final so there was no point pushing in qualifying to look fast when there was a big chance of a puncture on this track. Being in 46th place with a really slow run was a good place to be in going into race day and that eluding top 20 was a big motivation.

With a clear head and focus for this race came a new game plan after crashing at Val di sole and knowing the speed was 100% there I was just going to have a strong controlled race run. This worked spot on with only making a mistake of over braking into a fast turn where you needed to carry speed out which lead into a flat section. 3/4 of the way down before the second split my chain device bent around my frame so pedaling wasn't all that fun and somehow my shock blew up. I came through the second split 1.61 seconds back to Troy Brosnan who ended up in 18th place, really annoying to see it slip from under me. I finished in 42nd spot for the second time this season and jumped 9 spots in the overall to finish the season on the 67 plate ready for 2011.

I want to say a huge thank you for supporting me this season and look forward to seeing you all in 2011. It's been a big year for learning with some good results like 4th



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