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Windham World Cup 2010 Update from Jess

Windham World Cup 2010 Update from Jess
September 02, 2010 -  Jess Stone    

The last round of the 2010 UCI Mountain Bike World Cup was held at Windham in New York where Jess achieved her best World Cup finals result so far.

I’ve never been to America before let alone going to New York! I was very excited about the whole trip and couldn’t wait to get riding at Windham.

We arrived quite late on the Monday evening but I had a good 12hrs sleep! We spent Tuesday playing my first ever game of mini-golf. It was great speaking to the locals in Windham, this is the first time they have had anything this big here and they were gearing up for a great weekend.


The track appeared at first to be very weird. It’s not a long track at all, about 3 minutes long but the majority of it was flat and strangely enough, there seemed to be no proper corners, just a straight line! There was one major obstacle at the start, you had to drop over this rock which looked very daunting at first as it was a completely blind drop into a short, loose landing. It was easy once you done it a few times however. The track from then on seemed to be very British orientated with it being tight, few roots and rocks and jumps but not a track I would associate with a World Cup. As a lot of the track was so flat, it was important to keep it flowing and smooth, the tiniest of mistakes will cost you big time in the race.

Practice for me went well; I was enjoying the riding and I felt really good here, but I did find it hard to find a flow. I felt it in my qualifying run, and I had lost time in a few places by not finding a flow. I finished in 15th place and 7 seconds off top 10.

After practice on Saturday I felt really confident I could get a good result and had an early night ready for the race.

Practice runs were so fast in the morning, it was great fun and I really enjoyed it. The crowds were out in force and seemed to be really impressed with what the riders were doing; everytime you did a drop or doubled something up ‘woah dude… did they just double that?! No way man!’ in a very American accent! It was so cool that these guys were enjoying it so much, they have never seen anything like this before, it was awesome to be able to have this event here for these guys to experience too.

The race itself was very relaxed. Considering it was the last race of the year, I thought there would be a little more drive but I guess everyone’s thoughts and focus is on the World Championships next weekend! I felt nervous but also confident. I started ok, but slid out in the first corner which lost me a bit of time. Fortunately, it didn’t put me off for the rest of the run and managed to maintain my focus throughout.

I finished in 13th place, which is the best World cup finals result I’ve ever had and finshed in 16th place in the overall.

It has been a fantastic year and I can’t believe it’s over already!

Next Up: Pro GRT Race – Whiteface, NY

British Downhill Series (Final Round) – Caersws, Wales


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