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Brian Bittner Gets Back into Gear.

Brian Bittner Gets Back into Gear.
Brian Bittner Gets Back into Gear.
Brian Bittner Gets Back into Gear.
Brian Bittner Gets Back into Gear.
Brian Bittner Gets Back into Gear.
September 01, 2010 -  Brian Bittner    

This blog post is a bit overdue and for that I apologize to all you avid readers out there. I got back to my beautiful home state of Vermont almost two weeks ago. My girlfriend, Jenny and I were driving with ambition the first day heading home, driving 22 of the first 24 hours. To start we were not far in front of Max Zolowhatitcan and eventually well behind the man whose last name I couldn't tell you how to spell. As we neared the Eastern states I realized (I actually knew this all along) there was plently of space left in the car for antiques. I convinced Jenny to stop at two auctions and the last 6 hours of our drive back dog Leah sat in the front seat of my Toyota Prius (see picture #1 for Leah's riding position during most of the drive).



Our trip was amazing and no less than action packed. We made it to Lost Rocks in 4 days from VT. The last leg in California required driving in what was clearly the wrong direction (see picture #2) on roads that were only beaten in simulating a roller coaster by other roads in that same state. We made it to the coast only to find none other than Max Z and his buddy Randy who were disgusted other climbers had actually gone to this area. Don't get me (or them) wrong. It is gorgeous, but, July is not the season. The temps were great, but the clouds that don't quite burn off during the day added moisture that makes the climbing, well unclimbable.

That night we stayed with my Uncle Bob in Redway (Humboldt Co., see picture #3, he was giving us a ride in his tractor to see his property, wonderful indeed). We earned our breakfast the next morning by cutting some rebar. We also swam in the Eel River and luckily the only eel like creature we encountered was a harmless and friendly lizard that crawled up my back on the walk back to the tractor (see picture #4). The next day we climbed at Fort Ross which is easily one of my favorite boulders I have ever climbed at even with only 5 or so problems on it. It features an 18' V6 called Fort Rossta that is the best climb I have done in a while.

From south of Fort Ross and San Francisco we stayed with our friends Tim and Kelly and climbed in the heat in Castle Rock for a couple days. I put in some goes on Sharma's Ecoterrorist, but with it being 85 degrees it didn't really seem possible. Even with the temps as they were it felt great to get on the rock. And the 0% humidity was a nice change from Vermont (and Humboldt Co. for that matter!).

We spent a few days at the trade show catching up with old friends and making connections with new friends and businesses. I am proud to say I am now a member of the Darn Tough Vermont team. DTV is a sock maker in Central Vermont town, Northfield. They have been producing high quality socks right here in Vermont for the last 30 years. They are one of a small number of family owned businesses out there and they make great socks. Check them out!

Leah, Jenny and I made it safe to Boulder (our original "destination" you could say). We spent a few days checking out RMNP and a couple more at Lincoln Lake. Jenny got to do some yoga and we also caught a little music. For those of you that didn't already know, you can get chocolate covered bacon next door to the theater at George's (see picture #5). Our stay was fun and although the first couple days we were acclimating and the whole time we didn't have the best luck avoiding the monsoons, it was great to check out the climbing in such an acclaimed area!

Now back safe in Vermont, we are back to the grind. I'm still trying to balance training, eating well and climbing outside with a slew of five to seven day antique shows and a new business partnership I started this summer selling many items a week on Ebay. Things will fall into place soon I am sure and I will have more exciting climbing news from Vermont and New England to share with you all. Fall is coming, isn't it!?


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