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Ian Dory - Rocky Season

Ian Dory - Rocky Season
August 30, 2010 -  Ian Dory    

Climbing is unique in the sense that there is a competitive side, but also a relaxed side to it as well. For me climbing incorporates every aspect of that, being way up in the Rockies where not many people enjoy the rock the same way “us climbers” do, to the energy/psych the comp scene brings; new problems, the crowds, food, and fun what’s not to love?


The Next two months are filled with numerous comps and festivals around the country and I plan to attending every one that I can. It’s hard to compete when” Rocky bouldering season” is in full swing.Typically, 3 months of climbing and 9 months of depression (snow and off season), is our ongoing joke.

So many projects it’s hard to stay focused on just one. Top Notch is my main goal and Blood Money and Wild Cat are also high on the project list. Getting shut down over and over again can be frustrating but all part of the process when climbing “Hard”

Matty Hong now lives in the Fort, attending C.S.U is a BAMF and never forget it- he still has yet to take me to a college party!!! Thanks to My Home boy James Hickey, training, project setting and private sessions in an amazing gym come hand in hand, you’re the man Hickey! James and I go way back to the 8th grade where we may have duked it out a few times and songs may have been warped, but that’s all in the past now lol. James, in this last month has “taken off”, crushing his project up at the park, he’s now looking at Two Tone Tong and Suicide Season which are both amazing climbs at Upper Chaos, also very high ball!

This next week is going to be filled with power endurance and mad run outs, Rifle here I come. This trip is much more laid out then the last trip, much more focused this time Girl talk and Lung Fisher are my 6 day goal. I would also like to Send Living in Fear on the project wall.


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