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Peñoles Mexican Boulder Area

Peñoles Mexican Boulder Area
Peñoles Mexican Boulder Area
Peñoles Mexican Boulder Area
Peñoles Mexican Boulder Area
Peñoles Mexican Boulder Area
Peñoles Mexican Boulder Area
August 28, 2010 - 

To talk about the history of Peñoles is not easy since it is a place with much past, in fact more past than present.

First of all, Peñoles is located in Chihuahua the largest state of México. Peñoles emerged from different cultures; many years ago this place was the route and shelter for nomads from different tribes traveling across the American continent. It was also a stopping place for nomads and traders which lived in boulders painting rocks and carving arrows. Seemingly for a long period of time a community lived in Peñoles using boulders as houses.


During the Mexican Revolution the armies of Francisco Villa employed the same boulders as hiding place for combat. For four years these soldiers lived in these caves and boulders where they build walls made of adobe and stones hiding from their enemies.

Today Peñoles it is not longer a place to live. It is used by cattle breeders, which live 10 kilometers away from this place, to keep their animals.

The approximately 60 inhabitants of Iturralde are kind people who own Peñoles and they agree that climbers use the area for sporting. The first climbers arrive 10 years ago and I along with some friends are constant visitors since 2003. The last 4 years I have stay in Peñoles for periods lasting 3 to 4 months developing boulders.

You cant faunth:

2, v14, lado activo del infinito and Marakame.
4, v13 Señor pescado, Aereo cholo, Baca loca and Palabras.
9 v12, and sow moch more betwin v11 tow v1.

I believe it is time that climbers all over the world visit this magic place named Peñoles to continue giving live to these rocks, although in different historical circumstances, as did others pursuing their ideals.


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