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Matthew Barnes Tells us the Difference Between the Chase and Freerunnerv2

Matthew Barnes Tells us the Difference Between the Chase and Freerunnerv2
Matthew Barnes Tells us the Difference Between the Chase and Freerunnerv2
August 27, 2010 -  Matthew Barnes    

I thought this might be helpful to some others, so i decided to post the question, and my response!

Please let me know if I can be of any help to any of you!


can you tellme the difference between the chase and the freerunners v2
sure! They are both really great shoes, you just have to know what you want to use them for. 

The freerunner v2 is quite light and flexible. It performs well in most needed applications, however it fits more like a comfortable "every day" shoe, which makes it harder to use on rails.

The chase definitely weighs a bit more, but is a much more durable shoe. the pattern on the sole gives you excellent grip on walls and edges. The chase also has a slimmer fit and nice arch support, so the shoe "hugs" your foot better. All of the improvements come at the cost of weight and flexibility, but don't get the idea that this shoe is heavy or stiff! It is just a comparison to the freerunner v2...For a more advanced person in this discipline, he/she shouldn't really notice a difference in performance due to these areas.

In summary, if you want a really comfortable "everyday" shoe that still performs well, or if you are a beginner looking for a light shoe until you build up your skill/strength...get the freerunner!

If you are looking for a more performance based shoe that hugs well for very precise movements, like rails, ...get the Chase!

Right now, I love training with the Chase! I have been practicing the discipline of fr/pk for quite some time now, and love the fit!...I've just obtained the new all black freerunners though, so expect to hear more as I give them the full workout!

Anyway, these are just my opinions, but I hope this helps!

Happy training.x



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