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Five Ten Cranworx 2010 BC Update

Five Ten Cranworx 2010 BC Update
Five Ten Cranworx 2010 BC Update
Five Ten Cranworx 2010 BC Update
Five Ten Cranworx 2010 BC Update
August 25, 2010 -  Five Ten    

Crankworx is a premier event on the MTB bicyclist calendar. Held in Whistler, British Columbia, the event includes every discipline in the gravity segment of the market. Crankworx is a two week event with the major events kicking into gear on the second week. Team Five Ten arrived on Wednesday of the second week to set up our 10’x10’ pop-up tent of the second week. Just in time to see the Gravity DH race down A-Line happen. Timing of arrival was perfect as the crowds of spectators and racers would only build from here. Our tent location was excellent as we were located very near the main lift area on the main thoroughfare. Every competitor or spectator had to walk by us to get to the main hill. Every competitor or spectator had to walk by us to get to the main hill.


Each day the crowds grew larger until the penultimate day – Saturday where approximately 20,000 fans lined the hill and its base to watch the biggest slope-style event of the year go down. I estimate that we spoke directly with over a 1000 people over the main four days.

Dale was able to present the 2011 lineup to several accounts that would not be making the trip to Interbike and they very much appreciated the time he spent with them. While we were in Canada we managed to sign up two new accounts and visit a couple of existing dealers. I spoke to them about merchandising and was glad to see on my return visit that they had implemented them.

Riders were very happy to get their new Minnaar shoes. From an event stand point our athletes did very well with Greg Watts winning best trick, Casey Groves taking third in the overall competition, Justin Leov taking a second and a third. We had podium representation on every event with double and triple coverage in some.

There was a truly international crowd there and I had many questions about why the New Zealanders and Australians can’t get certain styles. I fielded probably 3-5 inquiries by different distributors about taking on Five Ten in these countries. The good news is there is still much room to grow in these countries.

I also had dinner with the Shimano guys and found it interesting to hear an underlying tone of competition with our clipless shoes. While they played it off, they don’t appreciate one of their segments having their market share eroded. They are definitely the leaders in the clipless DH market, but only until we can get them into the publics hands. I think working on getting the shoe lighter for the future will be a big plus as well as thinning out the sole a bit.

Almost every rider requirrf two spacers under the cleat to make them work to their liking. So we should look at possibly revising that aspect to the design. Thinning the sole would probably take care of that issue at the same time. Finally, I noticed that eye holes laces appear to stop lower
than in the original design. If this is true, we need to put that back in as that helps keep the riders heal in place. The velcro strap alone is not enough to hold it in.

I had several pair of Impact shoes brought to me where the eye-holes have pulled out. I dismissed this as a one-off deal until 3 different people came up to me and showed me their shoes with the same problem. Is there a better alternative to the current lacing system that can be longer lasting? These shoes were worn but did not appear abused in any way. Just food for thought.

Another successful weekend for sure.


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