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August 20, 2010 -  Five Ten takes the time to test and review the Five Ten Freeriders. Check out what they had to say about them.

"Five Ten shoes are pretty ubiquitous when it comes to the downhill and freeride scene. You see everyone from World Cup professionals to weekend warriors rocking 5.10 Stealth rubber...."[The Freeriders] gripped heads and tails above any other offerings on the market if you’re after a sticky soled shoe. The traction we got from the shoes was very reliable and gives confidence in rough and technical sections of trail. When you start blasting through rough chunder or take an off camber section of trail you don’t have to focus on your feet because they’re well planted."


"We tried the Freeriders on a couple different pedal styles ranging from some very grippy Straitline platforms to more a standard Wellgo MG’s. In all situations these shoes have tons of traction and really stick well to the pedals. We were able to use a bit more body english during our riding in technical sections because our feet feel more planted and connected to the bike.

The connected feeling these shoes give with your pedals can be a bit intimidating at first if you’re used to being able to change foot positions easily with your current shoe/pedals combo. Once you get used to the grip (and how to unweight your foot to change positions) you grow accustomed to the secure feeling and ride with a bit more confidence.

The sole itself is comfortable enough to walk or hike in but still has a bit of stiffness for riding. We felt that we were able to transfer good power to the pedals with these shoes without any harsh stiffness for casual riding or street wear...The Freeriders aren’t a heavy weight shoe but they do have solid construction with good stitching reinforcement

The toe box on the Freeriders is wide and roomy. This gives your foot a little bit of wiggle room which can help a bit if you need to angle your foot while riding. The toe area is reinforced for impacts from rocks and other trail obstacles.

For those looking for a great casual looking shoe that can still rip dirt jumps and downhill the Freerider might be the shoe for you."

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