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Sebastien Lazure Spends 2 months in Paradise

Sebastien Lazure Spends 2 months in Paradise
August 18, 2010 -  Sebastien Lazure    

This is my first time here in rocklands and for sure not the last! Having a great time!


Rocklands[ROKLÀNDZ], Rock climbing area.
World class bouldering destination. Rocklands is located close to the small town of Clanwilliam, three hours from Cape Town. Well known in the rock climbing world, this area offers a very high quality of sand stone that creates beautiful features and climbs for any climbing fanatic. Taking place in such amazing scenery and wild life, areas of the Rocklands are spread not so far from each other along a great mountain range. Sheltering thousands of climbs this place has for sure a lot more potential to be discovered in the next years. From V0 to V15 , everybody is going to find his own challenge.

This is probably what a dictionary or maybe a guide book could tell you about Rocklands, but it’s much more than that!

I’m actually living one of my best climbing trips so far and it’s not hard to do so. There are people from every country meeting each other, all coming in one single goal: having fun and climb rocks!

The climbing for me here have actually been very well. I sent a lot of classics and projects that I wanted to do including a flash of pinotage v10 at my first day here, The Vice V13, Armed Response V13, Amphitheater V12, 2nd ascent of La Grotte Magnifique V11 with Paul Robinson which could have a low start turning around 8C, The Hatchling V11, Nutsa V12, and much more.

I have two more weeks left and just started to project Madiba. Totally horizontal roof including knee bar, toe hooking and cut loosing! I’m very psyche about this one and hope it will go before I leave!

South Africa is for sure full of contrast: extreme poverty to shocking riches, ocean and mountains, all the different types of vegetation, peoples from all cultures. It’s probably what makes this country so unique, along with the amazing climbing. There is not only the Rocklands to be climbed but a lot more around Cape Town. We heard about stuff being even sicker then here, but tons still to be develop. Stuff like bouldering on the beach, nice sand stones or huge cliffs. Our friend Paul might go there pretty soon to check this out before he leaves.

We had the chance to see some wild life in our trip like tarantula, springbok, kudu, baboons, etc. We’ve been shark diving in a cage with the great whites near Cape Town and did a 5 hours horse back ride to go bouldering. At our next rest day, we’ll go in a safari to see lions, zebras and cheetahs close to where we live.

The life style here is very smooth: climbing and partying as well. One of the highlight is the 4th edition of RockStock, which is a ‘’ air guitar world championship’’ where climbers from everywhere come to perform solo or in team on a very legit stage a song of there choice. It was very funny to see all those competitors well prepared and all more original than the last one. Big props to Mathieu from France who won this year's event. It was some great fun organized by the Pakhuys Farm and there very friendly owner.

We had some good weather, even if it have been a bit too hot the past couple days. A very uncommonly warm winter that the locals says.

Hope the last weeks of our trip will be very productive for every one and that we’ll return home without leaving any projects behind.



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