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Paul Robinson - Two more weeks in Rocklands

Paul Robinson - Two more weeks in Rocklands
August 17, 2010 -  Paul Robinson    

My trip to Rocklands is slowly coming to a close.  I have about two weeks left and more projects than i can even think about.  The climbing  here has been amazing, however, the weather the past few weeks has been quite miserable.  The temperatures have risen many degrees and most days it is impossible to climb because it will reach 90F (32C) by mid day.  The mornings are extremely humid and the evenings are hot.  Though the weather has not cooperated completely it has been an awesome time down here over the course of my near 2 month long trip.


Since the weather is not looking like it is going to get any colder, we are looking towards heading to Cape Town in the next week for the  remainder of our trip.  The weather in Cape Town look to be a lot more temperate and my friend Marijus, who is a Cape Town resident, has informed of me of some great bouldering in and around Cape Town including some beach bouldering! 

From here, Alex and I are heading to Europe where we will be spending the remainder of the Fall.  We are first heading to Austria for a few weeks to do some high elevation bouldering in an area known as Silvretta.  Silvretta is host to a lot of amazing hard boulders put up by Bernd Zangerl.  I hope to repeat a bunch of these as well as find some new lines and potentially put up some first ascents.  From Austria, we will head to Ticino, Switzerland for the remainder of the year!  I have so many projects that I cannot wait to start trying in Switzerland.  It has been two years since I have been there and my psyche is so high for the amazing gneiss bouldering ahead!


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