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Report from Crankworx Colorado

Report from Crankworx Colorado
Report from Crankworx Colorado
Report from Crankworx Colorado
Report from Crankworx Colorado
Report from Crankworx Colorado
August 09, 2010 -  Five Ten    

Crank Worx Colorado concluded last week and Five Ten was in attendance with some great results. The event was a full four days of competition starting out with Dual Slalom where one FIVE TEN sponsored riders won the Pro Men and Pro Women classes.


Jason Memmelaar took the victory over a field that was very competitive. I actually got to spend a bit of time with Jason over the event and am super stoked to report that he is just a great guy. He was so over the moon with winning that you couldn’t wipe the smile off his face. He is an excellent FIVE TEN athlete when it comes to attitude.

Jill Kitner won the Women’s side of the tilt. Being a former World Champion in 4X this type of event was right up her alley. Another FIVE TEN rider Jackie Harmony finished third to continue her impressive string of top five finishes for the year. They flew the FIVE TEN Banner on the podium!

The old saying "If you don’t like the weather in Colorado, wait 20 minutes and it will change” was never more true than this week. The afternoon thundershowers and winds were pretty predictable, but wreaked havoc with the slope-style practice and contest. Friday became a bit of a wash out for everyone and forced the best trick competition to be combined with the slope-style event on Saturday.

Saturday: The sun broke through early and dried up the slope style course so the high flyers went to work getting in practice runs and then on into the two run qualifiers. As the morning wore on to mid-day, a bit of breeze came up and caused the riders some real concern. A combination of the breeze and big course had already sent two top riders to the hospital. But in the middle of first run, Cam McCaul crashed off the “fruit bowl” in what looked like a pretty normal crash but ended up breaking his femur right in front of me and was a horrendous sight. The riders then decided to stop the competition – as the vibe was really bad and the danger factor climbed. With the organizers the riders agreed to a one-hour break to see if the winds would subside. Mother nature backed off a bit and the riders were back to the competition long enough for all to get their second run completed.

Sunday: The PRO GRT downhill and the longest course of the season took place on Sunday. Saw the early racers gain a distinct advantage over the top qualifiers who went off last (in reverse order) FIVE TEN riders took 2,4,5 in the pro men and 1,3,4 in pro women. The top junior expert and US Junior Representative Bryson Martin will also be wearing our shoes for the remainder of the season and at Worlds. That’s all for now..


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