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ROCK bouldering! - David Mason

ROCK bouldering! - David Mason
ROCK bouldering! - David Mason
ROCK bouldering! - David Mason
ROCK bouldering! - David Mason
ROCK bouldering! - David Mason
August 03, 2010 -  David Mason    

Wood has been the choice for the past month, so it was nice to get on some rock this weekend in North Wales.

After a few months away from climbing due to low motivation after a hideously wet 5 week trip to Fontainebleau, I have started training again. The past 4 weeks has been dedicated to campusing, fingerboarding and one arm sessions. This is to build up my basic strength again!! I have 2 more weeks of this training to go, then 6 weeks to convert this into some sort of climbing ability before going back to Fontainebleau for a month and then onto Ticino.


This weekend however was a short trip away to North Wales with a few mates. In between the rain we managed to visit some new areas that dont have a high quantity of blocs to climb but what is there is pretty good! Apart from climbing I enjoyed catching up with friends, eating some good food and having a few beers to wash it all down!

Getting back on rock was strange (dont think I have climbed outside for a few months at least) but brilliant. I love visiting new areas and trying hard on good blocs. I got very close to a few hard boulders that will go in not such wet, humid conditions. However hard boulders wernt really the idea of the trip; just hanging out with friends and getting on good looking climbs. I managed to tick 3 of the best 7c's that I have had the pleasure to climbed on; Flick of the Wrist, Nazgul Traverse and Main Vein! The last bloc mentioned would not be out of place at Cuvier Rempart- a perfect sized arete on marginal holds, requiring tension and technique!

I was pleasantly surprised that climbing on rock did not feel too alien, and my strength is definately returning!! Think we are going to return in September and hopefully put some harder climbs to rest! The psyche is high for training, commencing climbing in two weeks and looking into the autumn; Fontainebleau and Ticino!


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