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Update from Isaac Caldiero

Update from Isaac Caldiero
July 30, 2010 -  Isaac Caldiero    

More new rocks and new adventures have come into play!  The last year has proven to be a new development wave of explorative breakthroughs.  All across the west coast, fellow rock pioneers have been on the forefront of fresh stone establishment.  From the high altitude granite of Lincoln Lake, Colorado to the Sierra Buttes granite in Lake Tahoe, California and down to Browse boulders in Saint George, Utah.  One cannot doubt the massive amounts of unexplored granite in the west.


Limestone seems to be popping up left and right thanks to the wondering grotto seekers.  Limestone walls in Flagstaff, Arizona and all over Southern Utah has brought new light into the limestone bouldering and sport climbing scene.  In early spring bolting madness sprung throughout the magnificent Utah Hills near Saint George and Deep water Soloing in Arizona's Black Canyon beneath the Hoover Damn has mad a splash.

In between all the chaos of new findings I managed to flock down to L.A. for a quick visit to the Five Ten headquarters.  To say the least I was amazed to see first hand, behind the scenes magic of Five Ten.  I'm super psyched on some of the new designs as well as the freshy, red pair of FiveTennies that now reside on my feet.

Back now in my home town for the summer with the OR show competition just around the corner.  I have decided to begin a bit of training in the gym along side my many of projects at the local unknown canyons of limestone.  Much excitement to come from these new canyons, stay tuned.


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