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Paul Robinson spends some time in S. Africa

Paul Robinson spends some time in S. Africa
July 30, 2010 -  Paul Robinson    

I have been in Rocklands, South Africa for just about three weeks now. The weather has been quite back and forth from hot to cold to rainy and most everywhere in between. Fortunately, I have had quite a few fair weathered climbing days over the past few weeks to keep my complaining to a minimum.



My first trip to Rocklands was exactly two years ago. That trip my goal was to finish off as many of the hard established climbs as I possibly could during my seven week stay. I managed to finish off most of them and left with only a few remaining, two of the main ones being derailed, V14 and Monkey Wedding, V15. Coming back this year, my main goal has been to finish off the lines that I was not able to complete last trip as well as establish my own lines and leave my mark in the history of Rocklands bouldering.

During my first week here, I managed to nab a quick ascent of Derailed and was happy about my progression in the sport of bouldering over  the past two years. I also managed to put up a few of my own climbs and begin my exploration for the next amazing hard line. I stumbled across an old climb, Black Eagle, that had broken and had not seen an ascent since its break a few years back. In a few sessions I found myself standing at the top of the bouldering feeling psyched on my “new” climb I had opened in Rocklands Road Side area. The climb weighed in at hard V14 and I really enjoyed figuring out the new sequence that it took to put this climb to rest.

As my first trip to Rocklands came to an end, Monkey Wedding was a climb that had brutally shut me down. I knew that if I was going to ever finish this line it would take a lot of hard work and determination. This trip, I find myself three weeks in and falling off of the very last move of the climb from the bottom! This has been a huge progression for me and I hope to be able to finish this one up before the end of the week. Monkey Wedding was first climbed by Fred Nicole a few years back and has not yet seen a repeat. Knowing that I can do the line and it is just going to take that one perfect go to get it done is an amazing feeling. All I can think about is the line and how much I look forward to hopefully finishing it very soon.

I have more than four weeks left in Rocklands this Summer before heading on to Europe for the Fall. I have found some amazing boulders that I am just beginning to project and cannot wait to get back onto them! I hope that the weather remains good and that I can climb all of them before I am forced to leave on August 31st.


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