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Tina J. Hafsaas


I am a Norwegian climber born in Oslo, June 1994. My mom took me climbing once in a local climbing gym when I was 6, and six years later I joined a climbing team. Ever since, climbing has become more and more important to me. It has grown from a “play date” to my passion.

I consider myself as a lead climber, but I also do boulder competitions because they are fun and it gives me a lot of experience. Competitions are the aspect of climbing that is closest to my heart, and which I find the most enjoyable. But rock climbing will always mean something special. Nothing is like a day in the sun with beautiful surroundings and amazing routes. But as long as I am motivated and have the chance to compete, I will choose to do that. The best thing about climbing, both competitions and outdoor, is the chance you get to experience the world and different cultures. I love my life, and I will continue to grow my passion and motivation by travelling, climbing, competing and having fun!

Tina J. Hafsaas
Tina J. Hafsaas
Tina J. Hafsaas
Tina J. Hafsaas
Tina J. Hafsaas


  • Residence
    Oslo, Norway
  • Height
    1.65 M
  • Sport

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