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Colton Edson


My name is Colton Edson; I was born in San Francisco but raised in Montana until age eleven when my family moved back to the Bay Area. I started climbing at Vertex Climbing Center in 2010 at age 13 and joined their climbing team the first day I stepped foot in the gym.  I had a slow progression my first year but quickly found the results of hard work, dedication, and training and advanced from climbing about v4 to v11 in my second year of climbing. I am drawn to climbing because of the isolated focus in forces upon you and the individuality of the sport. I have never been much into team sports so when I found climbing it just clicked. I love the outdoors and the places climbing takes me, climbing has become more of a lifestyle than a sport for me. For my Junior and Senior years of High school I transferred from a public high school to an independent study school, essentially allowing me to travel and do my schoolwork from the road; that decision was instrumental in my climbing development. I traveled to Switzerland for a month when I was 16 which established a lifelong love of traveling and exploration. The natural spirit of climbing and the community it facilitates makes me always feel at home no matter where I am. I competed in some USA Climbing competitions in my first years of climbing but I never found competitions to be nearly as appealing as a day out at the boulders. Recently I have been entering some competitions and I could see them become a larger part of my climbing career in the future. Besides climbing I love backpacking and anytime spent outside. I am always down to explore new places and further educate myself on different cultures and parts of the world.

Colton Edson
Colton Edson
Colton Edson
Colton Edson


  • Birth-Place
    San Francisco, CA
  • Residence
    Santa Rosa, CA
  • Height
    6' 1"

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