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Jasmin Caton



Growing up in a town named Hills, British Columbia pretty much defined who Jasmin has become.  From running around barefoot in her parents massive garden, to freezing her little cheeks off in a backpack while her parents went ski touring, it is obvious where her love for playing outside and living right has come from.  After an 'extended' university education, interspersed with trekking in Nepal at 18 and learning to rock climb, all while ski touring throughout British Columbia in the winter, her life has now 'settled down' to running her family's backcountry ski lodge in the Selkirks of British Columbia ( in the winter, and climbing and guiding in Squamish, BC in the summer.  During the spring and fall, with husband Evan and dog Benny in tow, Jasmin chases beautiful rock around the world. 

Jasmin Caton
Jasmin Caton
Jasmin Caton
Jasmin Caton
Jasmin Caton
Jasmin Caton


  • Birth-Date
    June 12, 1980
  • Birth-Place
    New Denver, BC
  • Residence
    Squamish, BC
  • Height
    5' 17"
  • Sport

Five Ten Elite