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Connor Everton


My name is Connor Everton and I started climbing in 2009. The first time I ever went climbing was in 2001 when I was 5 years old. I was coming back from a camping trip with my dad and brother when we saw a climbing gym, so we decided to go climbing. That moment changed my entire life because it started my passion for climbing that has lead and will lead me to great things. I climbed about once a year for 8 years after that until I convinced my parents to let me join a recreational climbing team called Teen Team at the Touchstone gym Diablo Rock. This fueled my passion for climbing for about a year until I need more, I was addicted.  And just like how any addicts searches for ways to get their “fix” I looked for ways to get better and stronger at climbing.  One day the opportunity came to me while I was climbing with teen team. A man named Scot Jenerik approached me and said he was the coach of a competitive climbing team and asked if I would like to climb on the team.  I said sure and my place on Zero Gravity was filled.  I then realized what it took to be a real athlete and with scot’s help I went from V3s to V8s in two weeks.  Ever since the first couple of weeks training with Zero Gravity I came to realize that climbing eventually comes down to how hard you try. Anyone can rock climb but only the select few can push themselves to the level needed for succeeding. I was and am determined to be one on those select few. Last year I was Pan American champion for SCS and this year I was bouldering national champion. “Winning is nice, but trying harder than everyone else is when you deserve it”

Connor Everton

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  • Birth-Date
    May 09, 1996
  • Birth-Place
    Walnut Creek, CA
  • Residence
    Lafayette, CA
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