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Andrew Pedley


I started climbing aged 12, instantly hooked on everything about it, the same things I love today. Getting  'into' nature, the aesthetics of a line a movement and the good people it attracts. I am now 36 so thats almost 25 years on the rock! My first 10 years were all about trad, on big sea clifs and crags of the UK, and a stint in North America. Since landing in SA in 2000, its been about sport as that is where the real quality lies here, especially up north. Opening new routes is my thing, thats where I can discover something new; even something as tiny as a new sequence or a brushed foothold, in this detailed interaction I can most feel part of the landscape, part of this rock called Earth - sounds like hippy baloney but this is real for me. So what have I achieved? Totally satisfiying FA's of plenty of stellar lines, I like to put up quality only, some easy, some hard, some still projects. Best experiences of the lot would be Digital Warfare, a project I bolted in the Freestate, probably the worlds best line (really!); I haven't opened it but just working out that line and sequence was the greatest experience I have had on rock, its absolutely perfect. Some of my early trad experiences also stand out, I was indestructible back then. Now I have a wonderful wife (Irene) and son (Geoff)  who give me a new type of happiness which is a big part of my life now, but worry not, there is another 10 years of cranking in these arms and psyche in my head and Irene is very very understanding, she is one in 6.8 billion. Whats next?....well..Digital Warfare occupies about a third of my brain. Plans afoot.

Andrew Pedley

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