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Nick Bradley


I was born in 1997 and raised in Livermore, California, where my parents moved after growing up in Pleasanton, CA. Being a very energetic young kid, I tried many sports that my parents introduced me to. I tried countless sports, but nothing ever really clicked. But when I turned 8 in 2005, I discovered the obscure world of climbing, and I fell in love. Soon after my first experience of climbing, I bought my first pair of Five Ten shoes, and entered my first competition. Since then, I took home many first place titles, including my first National Champion title in 2011 which changed my view on climbing completely. I discovered the power of hard work, and set off to train and step up my game. However, it isn't always about the competitions, and to me the best part of climbing is the simple beauty of it. Climbing on real rock and finding that perfect line that you just to do is simlpy indescribable. Although there are some set-backs that we have to get through, but the most important thing is to keep a focused mind, and a positive attitude, so nothing matters but finishing that line and the experience of doing it.

Nick Bradley
Nick Bradley
Nick Bradley
Nick Bradley
Nick Bradley

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  • Birth-Date
    February 16, 1997
  • Birth-Place
    Walnut Creek, CA
  • Residence
    Livermore, CA
  • Height
    5' 6"

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