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David Fusilli


I grew up and learned to kayak in Clarion Pennsylvania.  Around the age of 7 my pops big Dave taught me to roll a kayak.  From their my Mother and Father took me paddling down the local class two three creeks and rivers near our house in Clarion.  As a youngster I was pretty damn scared of kayaking.  It just all seemed real big I guess?  I paddled a little bit on and off threw high school, but it wasn't until college that I started to put all my energy into kayaking.  From then until now I have been on a mission to paddle as much as possible.  Kayaking seems endless for me.  There is always a good creek running or a big wave to surf somewhere out there.  Kayaking has taking me places that without it I would never have gone and this is my greatest accomplishment!  Getting to a lot of these places involves long hike's or sketchy portage's around unrunnable rapids.  In many cases slipping or falling is a non option.  I'm just trying to say, it is mandatory to have good footwear.

David Fusilli
David Fusilli
David Fusilli
David Fusilli


  • Birth-Date
    June 10, 1981
  • Birth-Place
    Clarion, PA
  • Residence
    I live in the Pyranha van
  • Height

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