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Aboud Hijazi


I was born in 1985. I started climbing in 2008, and it quickly became my passion. But due to the lack of routes in the Middle East, it was hard to improve. However, I always had the dream of climbing the big walls of Wadi Rum, Jordan. Later on, I became an instructor and I pushed my limits. I taught as many courses as possible to keep myself on the rock and to teach others. And then I discovered slack lining. It was like finding a treasure; somehow slack lining became my meditation. Since then I’ve been working hard on growing the sport in the Middle East. I created the first slack lining group in Jordan (and in the Arab World). To help popularize the sport, I’ve walked the longest line in the Middle East. I hope that by pushing my own limits, I’ll help to deliver the message—both slack lining and climbing are activities that have tremendous benefits. And that the Middle East is the perfect place to learn and practice them. 


 Aboud Hijazi


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