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Marwan Maayta


I started climbing indoors in 2011. Like most climbers, I got hooked because of all the weird fun movements my body wasn’t used to do and also the mental, physical challenges it offers. I remember also watching some tough climbers climb gracefully and I always thought to myself, ‘I wish I can do this one day.’ I found myself training regularly, joining outdoor trips, and feeling that a huge part of me is missing when I’m not climbing. My trips became climbing trips, my savings were spent on gear and climbing became more of a lifestyle than just a sport. It’s a good escape out of day-to-day stress and it never fails to give me some focus time. What gathers a group of climbers also is the fun and supportive atmosphere. The climbing scene is still new to locals in Jordan and I hope I can help in introducing the sport to more people. 

Marwan Maayta


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