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Climbing News

A New Beginning - Eric Sethna
Eric Sethna
01-18-2015 - 
What a year it’s been! In April, I turned the page to a new chapter in my life: Post-graduation....
My first V14- Direct North. and Future Plans! - Giovanni Traversi
01-18-2015 - 
I recently completed Direct North V14 in Bishop, Ca. This is my hardest, proudest send to date. There are...
The Problem with the Gegeneration Phase - Markus Eder
Markus Eder
01-09-2015 - 
The saying “Rest days are the best days!” is not everyone’s opinion. I often have a big problem...
Autumn 2014: A Growing Team - Will Roderick
Will Roderick
01-05-2015 - 
This past term at school has certainly been action packed. Although school projects took much of my time, I...

Bike News

Danny Macaskill: The Ridge
Danny MacAskill
10-20-2014 - 
The Ridge is the brand new film from Danny Macaskill... For the first time in one of his films...
Season Reflections - Armen Davis
Armen Davis
10-19-2014 - 
Well, the 2014 season came to an end, and it seemed like it went by very quickly. Compared to...
Cockpit Set Up Tips -Bars N Levers - Jill Kintner
09-21-2014 - 
Some tips to help with bike set up...
Projekt 5 - Vogel - Jan Porič
Jan Porič
09-16-2014 - 
Vogel Mountain Bike Park was the fifth and last location of Projekt 5. On the trail which is 1,2...

Product Spotlight

Freerider - Dark Grey / Orange
Freeriders take you from rolling to recreating. Kick around the shop wrenching on bikes then head out to hang...
Freerider Canvas - Grey / Blue
Experience the outside force with the Freerider Canvas and make mom happy with a two-tone, non-marking Phantom™ rubber outsole....
Impact VXi Clipless - Team Black
Greg Minnaar, 17-time World Cup champion, helped design our new Impact VXi Clipless, so it's no surprise that the...
5.10 Speedy Dot Tee - Black / Red
No shirt, no service? Oops.Fortunately, we have a solution for that: Five Ten Tees and Tanks. We have...
Rogue Lace Wms - Zinnia / Charcoal
Built for the cost conscious Contessa, Rogues combine the Anasazi LV (low volume) fit with less slingshot tension for...
Freerider Contact - Grey / Blue
The Freerider Contact is an updated version of the previous Freerider VXi, featuring Stealth® Mi6™ rubber, a stiff midsole,...
Team VXi - Neon / Charcoal
5.10’s new Mi6™ rubber provides exceptional sensitivity and a glove-like fit, improving your smearing technique and giving you a...
Spitfire - Dark Grey / Bold Orange
When Stealth®'s typical super-high friction is too much, but you need maximum durability, Spitfires are the shoe of choice....

Featured News

The Last Foreigner - Bernd Zangerl
01-04-2015 - 
It’s already the sixth time that I am coming back to this mountain village at the foot of „Shivalinga“....
Sweet Southern Sandstone - Angela Payne
Angela Payne
12-14-2014 - 
October & November were the months of sandstone for me. Sandstone is hands down my favorite type of...